Wear Many Hats Episode 98 — India Roby

Hey everyone it’s Rashad and this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar where we talk about your main gig then we talk about your side hustle.

India Roby is a fashion writer.

Hater first, writer second.

India Roby is now on Wear Many Hats.

I had to last minute switch it up because I thought Jade was your last name but it’s actually Roby. India Jade sounds like a tea I would drink.

You’ve been popping off at New York Fashion Week give us the run down.

You’ve met some famous friends on Gossip Girl. Who follows you now?

We’ve been both keeping tabs on Euphoria. How do you feel about this new season featuring Chloe Cherry which you called that pornstar girl and Dominic Fike in there?


I’m not a fan of Dominic Fike’s music but I’m well aware of who he is.


You’re a fashion writer for Nylon Magazine.

Must be nice and a fun job to keep up with pop culture and then write about it like Gossip Girl and Euphoria fashions and then writing them up the next day.

Are you an Influencer?

Hats off

Hats off to you and everything that you do, for some Dahsar Wear Many Hats solutions, Dahsar and Wear Many Hats would love to have you write about our podcast in Nylon if that ever happens!


If you were to get a chest tattoo quote what would it be?

Plug your socials where can people find you?

Till next time this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar and I’m Rashad Peace!



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