Wear Many Hats Episode 92 — Dana Veraldi — Deer Dana

Hey everyone it’s Rashad and this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar where we talk about your main gig then we talk about your side hustle.

Dana Veraldi is an illustrator, ceramist, doula, visual artist, and mom. Dana is best known for her hand-drawn portraits of cultural icons and her label DEERDANA, which she founded with partner Kevin Tekinel.

Been following her illustrations since day one, which I have no idea what day that was but when her illustrations were popped up on American Apparel tees, murals on Bedford Ace, plates at restaurants such as Escuela in Los Angeles.

Huge fan of Dana’s Q+A series where she interviews my favorites such as Matt McCormick, J Scott, Chris Black, and Kilo Kish.

Remember the early 2000s when things were simpler and hipster culture was in and collaborating for big brands were cool? Collaborations with Playboy, GAP, Collette, Opening Ceremony, Theory, Adidas, Tory Burch.

People who are your favorite E Hollywood stars have worn Deer Dana such as FKA Twigs, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Amanda Seyfried, Orlando Bloom, Jonah Hill, Lupita Nyongo, Dakota Fanning, Justin Bieber, Jay Z the list goes on.

I would like to think everyone has worn a Deer Dana tee if you were alive from 2010–2015. I don’t usually call people legends on my podcast but Dana is a legend. I don’t think John Legend has worn a Deer dana tee and we can all live without knowing that.

Let’s go back in time with Dana Veraldi.

How’s it going? Where are you based right now?

I wish I caught you at the How Long Gone podcast show at Johnny Brendas in Philly! Meeting you would have been a bigger moment to me. I brought my dad for his birthday.

I just saw Jon Caramanica

So you’re from PA?

Ok so you’re definitely the only person I know that has a bunch of different companies in their Instagram profile of where you work for could we break it down?

Deer Dana

How I was introduced to Deer Dana was the Grace Jones tee. A staple, a classic. How are people usually introduced to Deer Dana?

LQQK Studio used to print them? Back then was the glory days. You collaborated with JJJJound before they were huge, had Paloma Esser model the tees before she was huge.

You guys have also done state tees. What was your favorite state?

Before everything you guys were collaborating with Everybody World for Complex Con. Deer Dana still going strong.

You guys released a new shirt for India.

The NY Times article of Deer Dana sums it up perfectly in How To Make It In America fashion.

What was the hardest t-shirt to illustrate?

I still see that mural still up on Bedford ave you did.

Hats off

Hats off to you and everything that you do, for some Dahsar Wear Many Hats solutions, Dahsar and Wear Many Hats would love to collaborate with you in the future and hopefully we become good friends so I could be in your interview series!


If you were to get a chest tattoo quote what would it be?

Plug your socials where can people find you?

Till next time this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar and I’m Rashad Peace!




Where we talk about your main gig but mostly your side hustle. Beyond the brim. Hosted by Rashad Rastam and presented by Dahsar.

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Wear Many Hats

Wear Many Hats

Where we talk about your main gig but mostly your side hustle. Beyond the brim. Hosted by Rashad Rastam and presented by Dahsar.

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