Wear Many Hats Episode 88 —Jacques Greene

Hey everyone it’s Rashad and this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar where we talk about your main gig then we talk about your side hustle.

Jacques Greene is a musician, DJ, and producer from Montreal. That’s in Canada for everyone out there.

His wikipedia page says that he began playing electronic music when a high school history teacher introduced him to Aphex Twin, precipitating a realization that “music doesn’t have to be angry white men over a guitar.

Which is a good start to a Wikipedia page bio

His records, ‘Feel Infinite,’ and ‘Dawn Chorus’ have always been on repeat while I run but his new compilation ANTH01 while I stride. All three records off of LuckyME records.

Took me a minute to pronounced Jacques but I’m glad I can call him Phil. Please welcome Jacques Greene to Wear Many Hats.

How’s it going Phil? Where are you based?

Good to finally see you DJ a little at The Lot Radio with Sophie since I missed out at your shows at Elsewhere in Brooklyn and Lights Down Low in LA.

You’ve played The Lot Radio before.

Hung out with our mutual friend Dan De Lara aka Asian Dan shout out to Asian Dan. He told me that you recommended to him the action / martial arts film, The Raid: Redemption.

I like that the film was lie a video game. You got so many bosses except the main boss didn’t have any fight scenes.

I didn’t even look at the ratings or the Rotten Tomato reviews on it and I absolute loved it.

How we got into it was that we were in the Knickerbocker store and started watching trailers including District B13.

The end credits of Razors.Out by Chino Moreno from Deftones playing. All around great movie.

You got any recommendations?

Did you like The Matrix? Are you ready for the new one?

You did a gig for NFT week. I feel like everyone was flown here to perform and I decided to get out of town for that. Are you about that crypto life?

Jacques Greene

You know when DJs put the word Live in perenthesis under their name but it’s still DJing. Have you ever done a show where it’s Jacques Greene Live but it’s like a modular set. Have you done a Live set?

The first time I ever heard of you was ‘Another Girl’ but then I was dialed the fuck in on the ‘Feel Infinite’ record.

Designed by my old studiomate in Philly, Hassan Rahim and I was absolute hooked. Including ‘Dawn Chorus’ talented as usual.

“Feel Infinite”with that fucking drop. Went the fuck in.

Had How To Dress Well on ‘Feel Infinite’ bringing the R&B for the track ‘True’ and on ANTH01 for ‘On Your Side’

‘Night Service’ on Dawn Chrous a favorite. With Roland Pemberton of Cadence Weapon. I never heard of him until that track.

Still favorite line of the track:

The DJ played the Rapture
Saw the light’s reflected rays
She was dressed like Chloë Sevigny

Peeped your track together “SENNA” with Cadence Weapon. You can hear them signature Jacques Greene synths in the back. Track is hard. SENNA SENNA SENNA SENNA SENNA riding around town while my name SENNA pouring champagne while my name SENNA.

Silencio with him is fire too.

Kind of reminds me of the Bromance days.

If you were to have a DJ crew like Bromance who would be in it? Martyn Bootyspoon, Lunice

You just did a mini tour with him.

‘Let Go’ featuring Machinedrum and the queen Rochelle Jordan.

Hats off

Hats off to you on all these things that you do, for some Wear Many Hats Dahsar solutions would you ever do a soundtrack to an action film?


If you were to get a chest tattoo quote what would it be?

Plug your socials where can people find you?

Thank you Phil for coming on Wear Many Hats, it was great to have you.

Till next time this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar and I’m Rashad Peace!



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