Wear Many Hats Episode 105 — Kelton Bumgarner

Hey everyone it’s Rashad and this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar where we talk about your main gig then we talk about your side hustle.

Kelton Bumgarner is an artist, designer and creative director in Philadelphia, PA. As an artist, he explores landscapes and decay through sculpture and unconventional photography.

Kelton is currently the creative director for Atmos USA FKA UBIQ in which he has worked on numerous projects from concept to completion, including several sold-out collaborations with brands such as New Balance, Diadora, Saucony, Asics, and Clarks.

I am familiar of Kelton’s work from friend and guest of the pod, Marissa Le aka Yolo Ono where they work together over at Atmos.

Atmos tapped Dahsar to creative produce their outdoor advertising wheatpaste campaign in collaboration with Asics entitled GEL-LYTE III OG “NYC SUBWAY”

Theres a photo of Kelton circulating the internet of him assisting A$AP Nast on a piece of clothing and Kelton is focusing in and in the zone. I like to compare it to the iconic photo of Young Thug when standing behind a computer about to solve the worlds intricate problems but instaed he’s just producing.

Two iconic photos. Men at work.

Please welcome Kelton Bumgarner to Wear Many Hats.

So you’re taking two weeks off from work to just…be? Staycation?

Have you stayed at the Archway Hotel?

Archway Hotel, if you’re hearing this sponsor us and put us up. Me and Kelton can redesign your whole space even though it’s tight already. I’ve told everyone about this place.

You love Archways, you love curves, take 30% off of your night with promo code Wear Many Hats. Actually don’t it doesn’t work.


You’ve started working at Ubiq then it turned into Atmos. You literally started as a Design Intern which must have been very humbling. Now you’re the Creative Director, how does that feel?

Philly is always changing. They’ve said that Philly’s always changing. Yeah you’re right, Kicks USA now Snipes. Did you know Foot Locker owns some stake in GOAT. Amazon owns Whole Foods.

Wawa owns nothing.


Did you use to be a painter?

Hats off

Hats off to you and everything that you do, for some Dahsar Wear Many Hats solutions, it is our 10 year anniversary with Dahsar and I would love for you to be a part of it.


If you were to get a chest tattoo quote what would it be?

Plug your socials where can people find you?

Till next time this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar and I’m Rashad Peace!



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