Wear Many Hats Episode 103 — Brian Nguyen

Hey everyone it’s Rashad and this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar where we talk about your main gig then we talk about your side hustle.

Brian Nguyen is a video director, shooter, and photographer.

Brian currently works over at Hypebeast but I knew him as a Hypebeast way back when during the Philly days.

We crossed paths over at Temple University where I surprisingly went to school but it was always good to catch up with Brian at the functions at Ps & Qs formally known as the great Abukus Takeout.

No not a restaurant, a streetwear store.

Brian captures all the elements when he shoots and when they come out he edits them to a t where they give a Blade Runner feel to it which is why I always appreciate and love Brian’s work. I’m not a fan of digital but when I am, I always turn to Brian.

Please welcome Brian Nguyen to Wear Many Hats.


We went to Temple University, probably the same year. You clearly got outta of there unscathed and I look like shit.


Do you read any of the articles on Hypebeast still even though you’re a grown ass man?

Hats off

Hats off to you and everything that you do, for some Dahsar Wear Many Hats solutions, do…


If you were to get a chest tattoo quote what would it be?

Plug your socials where can people find you?

Till next time this is Wear Many Hats presented by Dahsar and I’m Rashad Peace!



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